Two Night Stand (2014)

I watched this film mainly because I wanted to see more of Miles Teller, and see if he had much range beyond the performances I’d already seen of him (which I really liked). I really wish I’d chosen another of his films.

There obviously wasn’t much of a budget to throw around (the vast majority of the film takes place on one set), but I usually like that sort of limitation because it forces the writing to have to be more interesting than normal to hold the audience’s interest. But the writing here was just so rote, so tired, that watching was a real chore. There were some half-formed observations about dating and sex culture in the 21st century that might have been interesting if fleshed out, but the movie is so tonally inconsistent that nothing ever really gets developed. I’d say overall the film is going for youth rom-com, but there are some bizarre moments that feel really at odds with that tone, including weirdly long stoner humour sequences, kindergarten-level bathroom humour, and strangely serious bouts of personal backstory drama. These interludes hurt the pacing, and in a film nearly entirely in one location, more attention should have been paid to keeping the pacing at a good rate.

Both leads fare pretty well: Annaleigh Tipton’s character is frustrating to watch but some of Tipton’s charm shines through, and Teller’s line deliveries often added more humour to the lines than they deserved. Their chemistry isn’t great though, and any attempt to make the characters seem “right” for each other comes off as nonsensical. Literally the only good thing about this movie is that the leads are sometimes enjoyable on their own.

Unless someone happens to be a fan of both of the leads and enjoys nearly all rom-coms, I absolutely can’t recommend this film. At least it’s not even an hour and a half long.

I give it one and a half packet of noodles, and tonne of snow (perhaps to bury as many copies as possible?).


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