Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

A fantastic action film, excelling in virtually every aspect. Robert Patrick makes for a great, iconic villain as the T-1000. Linda Hamilton delivers an excellent performance, so different from her character in the first film. Schwarzenegger performs a similarly reversed version of his character from the first film, also to great effect.

Unlike the first film, this is an action film through and through, unlike the more murky slasher, horror first film. I much prefer the first film because I like that genre, and the general mood of the film, a lot more, but the second film is undeniably superior in many aspects beyond just the technical. Ultimately, I think they should be enjoyed together, as they form a perfect loop (the sequels are unnecessary in so many ways), a closed story, and are fascinating to view close together to see both their similarities and differences immediately.

I give it three and a half motorcycles, and a damaged CPU.

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