Ex Machina (2015)

I’m very happy to see great modern SF cinema like this. Great film. The film is laser-focused, with a cast of four (Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander particularly good), a strong narrative, and a tight grasp on its themes. The visual effects are seamless, very impressive. The film may be too focused at times, with some of the eddies (the psycho-sexual aspects, allusions to Prometheus, the gender aspects) being things I’d have loved to see explored deeper, but I don’t begrudge the film for keeping a tight pace. It’s a shame my favourite scene (the surreal dance sequence) is alone in being the only truly bizarre part of the film, but perhaps that was the point. The movie feels like a sci-fi short story of decades past, with an ending full of questions and possibility rather than any traditional narrative conclusions.

I give it four vodkas, and a torn-up dancefloor.

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