Inside Out (2015)

I wanted to love Inside Out. I love the premise. I love the cast. I’ve loved many Pixar films. I loved when I heard the film was getting great reviews. I loved the fact Pixar was making a film opening up a dialogue about mental issues with children and their parents. I loved finally sitting down to watch the film.

But I did not love Inside Out itself. It was very competently made, had plenty of great ideas, the cast performed well, but it felt overwhelmingly familiar and safe to me. The characters were so awfully flat; Riley basically being just a shell of a possible character. The humour was “clever” but rarely cause for actual laughter (the opinions and knowledge scene exemplifies this for me).

By the fifth “bridge is collapsing!” scenario in the film I’d just completely lost any connection with the plot. I don’t expect Pixar films to have genius or innovate plots, but I expect them to not be that overstuffed with repetition.

I was very disappointed with this film. It’s good but it isn’t great, and I know Pixar can do great.

I give it two and a half good memories, and an overall sense of disappointment.


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