The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short is a comedy about a tragedy. McKay excelled at making me both laugh and get enraged at the very real activities and events the movie depicts. His propulsive anger drives the film.

I liked a lot of the zany editing; it’s a far cry from the lazy camerawork in McKay’s comedies like Anchorman. I’m of mixed mind on the cutaways. The Margot Robbie one felt patronising, but some of the other cutaways were pretty important to me as I wrestled with some of the complicated financial aspects (viewers with a sounder mathematical mind than mine likely had no such trouble). This may just be my problem, but I also felt the film overall was more concerned about giving the viewer the feeling they understood the crisis and key financial concepts, rather than actually imparting useful knowledge of them.

While I adore the cast (Bale/Pitt/Gosling/Carell is an absolute dream cast) I felt the characters were pretty poorly done. They each got one flashback-y sequence at their introductions but I found they rang pretty false. Carell’s character in particular was an absolute mess. A shame, because Carell really can act.

I give it three bail-outs, and and a bathime bottle of champagne.


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