The Martian (2015)

The Martian is very well-made, very enjoyable, a very fun way to spend two hours. But I didn’t find it very interesting.

I can totally see how some would find the film exceedingly interesting – the science of it is well-explained and the man vs nature angle is executed well. But the whole film I was just yearning for any real exploration into Damon’s character’s psychology – how would it truly feel to be alone on a planet for years, what would that do to someone, how would they feel about those back on Earth – and beyond a few handwaves at this, there was nothing. I never truly felt he was alone, no matter how many gorgeous sequences of him against the Martian landscape Ridley threw at me.

The characters were mainly cliches (the young tech genius going against the chain of command, the leader loyal to their crew instead of their organisation, the boss more concerned with PR and figures than lives) somewhat elevated by the fantastic cast.

The film is a lot of fun and I’m loving the resurgence of space science films, but I was disappointed it wasn’t more substantial.
I give it three potatoes, and a quip.


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