Suffragette (2015)

Well-intentioned, but frustratingly dull and familiar – the history and perspective covered deserved a better film. Mulligan delivers a good performance but, like the rest of the (very talented) cast, she ultimately just isn’t given much interesting material to play. The film feels torn between an admirable singular focus on Mulligan’s working-class peek into the movement from a ground level and a broader look at the movement’s most dramatic events, resulting in a lot of narrative hoop-jumping to get Mulligan’s character to the appropriate beats. The film was strongest when concentrating on that ground-level look at the movement (the gritty aesthetic fits really well in those scenes) and I wish it had committed to that more. It feels silly for the film to be so safe, flat, and pedestrian, when the suffragette movement was anything but.

I give it two dull performances, and a wasted Meryl Streep.

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