Grindhouse (Planet Terror and Death Proof) (2007)


Rodriguez is indisputably a very talented, very important filmmaker, but this sort of film is absolutely not for me. I watched it as part of the full Grindhouse feature (which I was watching for Tarantino’s Death Proof) and while I like plenty of the actors in the cast, I just personally am not into the genres the film is exploring, or gore, or zombies, or anything like that. I did love the iconic “leg” development late in the film though, and did have a lot of fun with some scenes, but I’m just not one for the type of gore the movie’s so filled with.

I did enjoy some of the real cinematic fun parts, like the reel screwing up at the sex scene, or the missing reel portion. Tarantino’s cameo was as hilarious as they generally are.

If I were rating this individually I’d give a 3 but without a like – I can recognise the craft but not really my thing.


Rodriguez’s “Machete” trailer was humorous (all the more for the fact the film was actually later produced, complete with eventual sequel), and I always love seeing Danny Trejo.

Zombie’s “Werewolf Women of the SS” trailer was a bit of shlocky fun, but not the type of movie I’d really see. Well, maybe for Nic Cage.

Edgar Wright’s “Don’t” trailer was great, but I love anything Wright does. His comic timing on his editing is always fantastic.

Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving” trailer had some funny and genre-savvy moments, but even the implied gore was a bit much for me.

My copy of Grindhouse did not include the Hobo with a Shotgun trailer so I can’t comment on that.


Death Proof isn’t as great as Tarantino’s other films, but it isn’t trying to be. The meta aspects (Zoë Bell as herself, the cops from Kill Bill reappearing_ were fun. As part of the Grindhouse feature, the film fits right in and is perfect, but as a Tarantino film I did find it to fall a bit short – where is the non-linear structure? The clever script?

There is some of his trademark dialogue, sure, but the film is obviously aiming for B-movie status and while it hits that perfectly, I do prefer it when Tarantino is aiming higher. Death Proof is Tarantino’s worst film, as he says, but it wasn’t trying to be his best. Nonetheless, I’m very glad he made Basterds (my personal favourite of his) after this, and returned to reaching higher.

If I were rating this individually, I’d give it a 3.5 and a like. I’ll give my overall Grindhouse rating a 3 and a like, but the films really are separate films.


I give it three fake trailers, and a galleon of fake blood.


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