Day of the Outlaw (1959)

An unusual, unique western. I watched this, along with The Great Silence, as “snow westerns” in preparation for The Hateful Eight, and while I found The Great Silence to be a masterpiece of a western, Day of the Outlaw didn’t reach the same sort of greatness. They’re not really similar films at all beyond the same genre and similar settings though, so I avoid comparing them too much (Day of the Outlaw came first anyway).

I thought the theme of “what makes one an outlaw, or a bad person” was handled quite well and surprisingly subtly for an era of film where things were often more spelled out.
I love the aesthetics of snowy frontiers in black and white, though Day of the Outlaw’s cinematography wasn’t particularly interesting until the final fifteen minutes or so.

I give it three bandits, and a snow-capped mountain.


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