The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel – Vol. II: The Lore (2015)

As a second volume, my thoughts on this book are much the same as my thoughts on the first volume – a barely legible font masks a fairly good lorebook with nice art, and decent (if repetitive) textual content.

The actual content of this volume I found superior to the first, as it contained more information on the unique aspects of Elder Scrolls lore. I also appreciated the attempts to weave actual narrative threads through information dumps on lore material; the first story in the volume being a neat way to explore the different races of Tamriel through a mage’s romantic adventures.

As with the first volume, the artwork was largely enjoyable, if not quite as creative as Elder Scrolls lore can be.

To reproduce my thoughts on the first volume’s physical construction: “the book itself, physically, is well-made, has a most lovely scent, and held up to reading well (the spine is perfectly fine). My only major criticism would be the font – yes, it fits the fantasy aesthetic but wow, it is not enjoyable to read. Really dampened my enjoyment of the book; I often had to squint and carefully scan sentences because the font is a challenge. Sacrificing in-universe accuracy for legibility would have been a good idea here – Skyrim used the Futura font in-game, and that worked perfectly fine.”.

I give it three Elder Scrolls and a sermon of Vivec.


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