45 Years (2015)

A heartbreaking, restrained, quiet, mature, domestic drama. The film concerns a complicated situation in a long marriage, where the past rudely intrudes and threatens a marriage seemingly rock solid beforehand. That metaphorical spectre from the past haunts every single scene, her “presence” is suffocating, she’s as vital a character as the two leads (who are both performed absolutely excellently).

It’s a fairly short film in this day and age where even quiet drama can get bloated to the 2-3 hour point. It’s lean, light on subplots, says what it has to say then ends. I really appreciated that. Pacing is just as important in quiet films like this than in the big blockbusters.

A great script, perfect pacing, and two absolutely brilliant performances – what more could you want? This is a fantastic film.

I give it four letters, and a carousel projector.


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