Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool was a very funny, very enjoyable satire of superhero movies, that still fell pray to many of the common problems in superhero movies.

Ryan Reynolds clearly had tremendous fun with the role, and even the misfired jokes (of which there are many) are delivered with gusto and conviction. Some jokes are weirdly dated, but the majority of them land well. I like that there were plenty of visual gags; the film’s comedy wasn’t just in the dialogue.

I also liked the structure of the film. There are two setpieces, and a couple of flashbacks and interlude scenes connecting them. It isn’t the typical structure for any movie, let alone superhero ones, which tend to fall very firmly into your average three act action blockbuster format.

Indeed, pretty much everything unique with the film worked really well. Where it didn’t work for me was the anti-hero/hero characterisation of Deadpool, and the straightfaced use of other superhero tropes.

I give it three toy unicorns, and a bag of guns.

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