O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

One of my favourite Coens films. I have a lot of very fond nostalgic memories tied up with this film, so I was a tad worried in rewatching it that some of the magic would be lost, and it wouldn’t be as charming as I remembered. Fortunately, it was every bit as fantastic as I’d thought!

It’s filled with great music, charming and goofy performances (Clooney is absolutely hilarious here), and a rollicking story following the Odyssey but in rural Mississippi in the 1930s.

The colour correction might be a bit much for some (it was one of the first films to use digital colour correction so extensively) and I hear there’s some issue with some of the home release versions, but the sepia worked just fine for me.

I give it four sirens, and some hidden treasure.


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