A Serious Man (2009)

Perhaps my favourite Coens film. A brilliant meditation on faith and uncertainty. I know little of the Jewish faith, but the film worked excellently for me anyway, as a kind of modern retelling of the book of Job.

Does God exist? The film grapples with this through Schrodinger’s cat paradox. Obviously the film can’t answer the question, but it explores how man struggles with it. The ending certainly pertains to morality, whether derived from God or not, in possibly a cosmic display of judgement.

Does God indeed exist, and punish us for straying morally? Or are we alone, is the universe completely arbitrary, and events both good and bad are entirely negative? Both answers are terrifying (and, perhaps in a way, liberating) in their own ways.

This is a film I love to revisit because there’s so much to unpack and decode. It’s absolutely brilliant.

I give it four and a half earphones, and a beautiful carpark.


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