Joy (2015)

This is a messy, messy movie. There’s interesting elements in there (Lawrence’s performance is generally strong, the production value is high, the cast generally works well together), but the whole thing just feels sour to me.

It’s ugly. Not visually, but the story here, it’s just a mess…I was hoping for some sort of interesting feminist exploration of capitalism, or at least some kind of interesting story pertaining to either feminism or capitalism filtered through this largely real-life tale, but it just never coalesced into anything meaningful. The film felt straight-faced to me in its depiction, which astounds me, and not in a good way.

Some scenes were electric – the cast is filled with greats, and David O Russell is a much more than competent director – but other were painfully plodding.

I’ve read some fairly compelling takes on the film, but it just wasn’t there for me. It’s a ridiculous, sour soap opera lacking any social themes or compelling artistry. A mess.

I give it one and a half mops, and a shotgun.

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