10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

A really well-done thriller, with great performances. John Goodman kills it, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a compelling lead. The film, or the first 90% of it anyway, is really tight and lean. Plenty of well-executed tension. I wish John Goodman’s character motivations were expanded upon a bit more in the third act, but that’s not a huge complaint.

The last fifteen minutes or so of the movie are justifiably divisive, but they worked really well for me. The very ending itself completes a character arc neatly, and the ending events leading up to that…well, I personally have a great affinity for abrupt genre shifts, so it worked really well for me. And by the name of the film, it’s clear they’re setting Cloverfield up as some sort of vague science-fiction brand. I have no complaints on that front.

It’s not the most ambitious film in the world, but it’s a really well-done genre thriller.

I give it three and a half biohazard suits, and an air duct.


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