Batman: Year One (1987) by Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli

A seminal Batman story, so seminal that’s difficult to review as I find it hard to divorce my feelings from the specifics of this story, and the wider Batman lore that I’d soaked up before reading this comic where much of it originated.

I love how this is such a noir story, it’s not just taking some noir elements, it’s a proper noir Batman story. Or should I say Gordon story? That’s another thing I love about it, that it’s truly as much a Gordon story as a Batman story. There are so many interesting characters that too often act just as satellites around Batman; it’s great to see them get proper arcs and focus like this.

I feel like this a tighter, leaner, more cohesive story than Miller’s other great Batman triumph, The Dark Knight Returns, but I still prefer The Dark Knight Returns because I tend to like overambitious subversive stories like that more than very well-told but more straightforward stories like this. Purely personal preference.

I give it three cases of police brutality, and a burgeoning partnership.


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