Justice League: Tower of Babel (2001) by Mark Waid & Howard Porter

Tower of Babel reminds me why I don’t read many comics these days. It grabs you in with an intriguing cover and great premise. Then, after you’ve purchased the comic and actually read it, it reveals itself to be a convoluted, thin, empty affair.

Still, what a premise. Batman has secret plans to incapacitate every fellow member of the Justice League, which is so perfectly in keeping with his character. They’re stolen by a supervillain, and put into practise. It’s a great hook, and the story that follows is decent, but it’s just plot. There’s nothing interesting thematically here, and the characterisation is thin and so dependent on outside reading for the interactions to mean anything. Perhaps this is just how comics generally operate, and I’ve been spoilt or misled by generally reading self-contained runs like Year One or The Killing Joke, but that thought doesn’t make me want to read more typical comics like this at all.

I give it one man of plastic, and a blinded lantern.


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