Superman: Red Son (2003) by Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, & Kilian Plunkett

A very interesting story conceptually. Self-contained, unconventionally comics like this are exactly the type I like to read.

I feel like there’s an “everything but the kitchen sink” vibe to the story, which I don’t think is a great thing. The ending is interesting science fiction idea, but I don’t see how it thematically ties into anything the story was about. It’s just neat. A lot of the story felt like this to me. There’s no actual real comment or nuanced examination of communism or capitalism in a story ostensibly contrasting them. Maybe I’m expecting too much of a comic, but I don’t think so – Watchmen is a comic and managed to explore various complicated themes in a nuanced and developed manner.

I think Red Son is a great Superman comic, but I don’t think it’s anything greater than that.

I give it two hammers, and a sickle.


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