Argo (2012)

By far my favourite of the three Affleck films currently out. It’s fantastic. It doesn’t adhere as closely to history as I’d like, but as a film in its own right, it’s absolutely a triumph.

Affleck gets better at directing tension with every film; I thought The Town had excellently crafted tense scenes and tense action scenes, but Argo absolutely takes the cake. The humour is probably my favourite part of the film though…I love films about films, I love that sort of meta aspect, and it’s played here to great comic effect, though that aspect ramps up to dramatic tension at times too of course.

I wish the Iranians were developed more and given more nuance, and the intro of the film doesn’t work super well for me (feels a bit…preachy? The film itself develops the politics just fine), but I really liked everything else.

I give it three and a half battling apes, and a perhaps unnecessary intro.

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