Batman: Black and White (1998)

A very nice collection of various’ stories, all in black and white. I loved some of the stories, moderately liked most (but found them forgettable), and disliked a few (at least they were forgettable too).

A few thoughts off the top of my head:

Bruce Timm’s “Two of a Kind” was one of the better stories, with some very nicely done characterisations.

Neil Gaiman’s “A Black and White World” was a highlight for me, a really inventive and enjoyable self-aware story.

I loved the art in “An Innocent Guy”, although I found the story more confusing than anything else.

There were other stories I loved, but I read this a while ago and I’m hesitant to comment on ones I don’t remember as well as the above three. Ultimately, it’s a fine collection.

I give it three staged adventures, and a single criminal deed.

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