Superman (1978)

Richard Donner had a clear vision with this film, and he executes it really well. Christopher Reeve is unforgettable as Superman. I’ve never really brought into the Brando and Hackman performances as much as others though; the former is painfully bored, the latter very one-note. Reeve and Margot Kidder have good chemistry.

It’s a very well-executed coming of age story for a great hero. It’s sincere, it’s earnest, it’s charming. I really like the Biblical overtones to Superman, and the movie taps into them well.

It’s thin, sure, but it’s got plenty of heart. My favourite aspect of the movie is how well Reeve sells the duality of Superman. He really makes two distinct personas for Clark and Superman (and a third for young Clark I suppose).

I give it three crystals, and a holographic father.

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