X-Men (2000)

A fairly strong superhero movie that’s very clearly before the big superhero bump. I don’t think being “dated” in that way is a bad thing; it’s interesting to view it now. Some great actors in the cast (Stewart, McKellen, and Jackman are the stand-outs), which is important because it is ultimately an ensemble film.

It felt surprisingly low-key to me for a superhero blockbuster. Rogue and Wolverine have character arcs, Professor X and Magneto have a conflict. It’s all pretty standard, but there’s some interesting efforts at framing the “mutant” superheroes as a sort of social commentary on exclusion, the controversy surrounding them as bigotry, that sort of thing. Pretty forward-thinking, as that sort of social commentary is part of the hallmarks of the latter 2010s era superhero films.

Not something I’d rewatch, but I did enjoy my time with it.

I give it two and a half mutants, and an electrified toad.


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