X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Delightful shlock. From the trailers I got the impression this would be a solemn, action-heavy affair. Instead, I got a splendidly shlocky, fun affair.

Oscar Isaac is hilarious as the villainous Apocalypse. He chews the scenery and relishes his very dramatic lines. My favourite part of the movie is perhaps a scene around the middle where he (to Mozart playing in the background) declares things like “NO MORE SYSTEMS!”. It’s fantastic, and I mean that earnestly, without irony. I truly enjoyed his off-kilter performance.

There were a lot of scenes like that in the movie, just plain fun. Quicksilver, like he had in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, had an extremely technically impressive scene set to a great song, where I was having as much of a blast as the character was.

The new younger cast members were generally quite good. McAvoy played well of them, as could be expected. Fassbender was fantastic as usual, but didn’t get as much to do as he should have.

The movie’s main problem is clashing tones; some of Magneto’s scenes are legitimately tragic, but then we come to the Apocalypse shlock and it never quite works together well. All the characters revolving around Apocalypse are pretty underdeveloped motivation-wise.

I give it three SYSTEMS, and a twinkie.


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