The Hope of Elantris (2006) by Brandon Sanderson

A very short story set concurrently with the climactic ending chapters of Elantris. I wish I’d read this immediately after finishing Elantris, as it doesn’t work as well as a more standalone short story; it felt kind of incoherent to me at points because I didn’t have the details of the ending fresh in mind. Kind of funny that the Elantris short story would be so antithetical to Elantris – a great strength in Elantris the novel was in being so standalone. Still, not like this story is trying to be anything other than what it is: a short, sweet sequence for the Elantris fans out there. Not sure it’s good enough to justify its own existence though, given how slight it is.

I give it two AonDor symbols, and a splinter of Devotion.


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