Warcraft (2016)

I’m happy to see big budget high fantasy films be made at a Hollywood level like this, and there’s a lot of creativity I admired at play in this film. Some of the visuals are really memorable, a lot of the VFX is fantastic (particularly the orcs, and the way Garona’s skin was digitally edited), and the score is noticeably well-done.

But it’s a mess of a story. The characters and their motivations are hard to piece together, the worldbuilding is hurried and rarely explained well, and the human-focused scenes drag. The orc half of the film is actually quite good a lot of the time, with an interesting villain, something of a relatable (if underdeveloped) protagonist, and more creativity than the human sections. If the film had just been about the orcs, I would have liked it a lot more. But between the clash of tones and the slop of the story, the film ultimately amounts to little more than fantasy shlock. At least the shlock is often enjoyable.

I give it two and a half doses of Fel, and a mountable wolf.


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