Warbreaker (2009) by Brandon Sanderson

A strong standalone fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson. I really like that he writes books like this and Elantris, where they could be followed up with sequels (which he does plan to eventually write), but they stand perfectly well standalone. Really refreshing in a genre filled with endless series’.

Warbreaker also has one of Sanderson’s best-written characters, Vivenna. So much more depth and nuance to this character than most of Sanderson’s heroes. Great character with an interesting arc.

The worldbuilding is unique and interesting as can be expected from Sanderson. The thrust of the narrative is also original, the focus being on stopping a war before it begins, rather than starting one or fighting in one. The system of BioChromatic Breath is quite interesting, especially with the sort of voodoo aspects, and the idea of perfect pitch applied to colour and visuals.

Brandon’s humour is always hit and miss, and it’s going to depend on one’s individual taste how much it hits. Didn’t hit for me a lot this book, but it’s only really one POV that has extensive comic sections.

This is a very competently written standalone fantasy novel, refreshing both in-story (the plot, the worldbuilding) and out-of-story (being a true standalone).

I give it three breaths, and a length of rope.


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