Atonement (2007)

I stumbled onto this film on Netflix by accident, and was absolutely blown away by it. What a marvellous, powerful, moving film. There is no weak link here; every facet of the film is fantastic. The cast (Keira Knightley, James McAvoy are excellent, and it’s interesting seeing a young Saoirse Ronan display some hints of her later greatness), the writing (keeping a tight focus on the themes, particularly how the mind shapes and shifts stories and history, and playing with structure to best tell the character’s stories), and the cinematography and direction (the Dunkirk scene is a breathtaking, magnificent piece of work) are all firing on all cylinders.

It’s a moving story about love, regret, the best and worst of human nature, and of course, of atonement.

I give it four misplaced letters, and an “autobiographical” novel.


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