Mistborn: The Eleventh Metal (2012) by Brandon Sanderson

The Eleventh Metal wasn’t some grand-plan part of Brandon Sanderson’s cosmere sequence, it was some supplemental writing for a game, and it really shows. Not only does it feel superfluous, it feels…wrong, not cohesive with the other Mistborn works.

It’s a lazy, clunky way to set up a plot point that didn’t need setting up; the character having the information already made sense from a characterisation perspective. Worked better as a mystery.

I don’t like robbing a mysterious, charming character of his mystery and charm in a clunky way like this, in a very short prequel story where nothing can be expanded upon well.

The third Mistborn book implies a more interesting origin for the plot point covered here anyway. I’d rather forget this short story and move on.

The specifics of the story are okay, the prose and characterisation isn’t as good as the regular Mistborn books, but it’s not as underdeveloped as some of Brandon’s unpublished work. The fight scenes are competent.

I give it one vial of metal, and an overexplained plot point.


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