Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

A very well-made, well-told science-fiction story. Some of the literary allusions are clunky, but the story itself stands just fine on its own – and that goes for the series too; this film can be enjoyed just fine with little knowledge of the series. Pretty impressive for a genre and franchise that tends towards convoluted continuities so often.

Shatner delivers a compelling performance, and it’s he and Nimoy that really sell the pretty powerful ending. I liked the thematic focus on age, time passing you by, when it’s time to give up, that sort of thing. Mortality. It seems like a simple thing, but having the trifecta of plot, character, and theme all meshing together cohesively always makes for a great story.

Memorable lines, memorable characters, memorable ending – it’s a memorable movie, and deserves that reputation.

I give it three and a half ancient books, and a yell of desperation.


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