Star Trek (2009)

A very enjoyable science-fiction action adventure, that sets up a new Star Trek series while deftly honouring the original. The cast is absolutely superb, and the real highlight of the film. Simon Pegg and Chris Pine are the stand-outs here, with Zachary Quinto and Eric Bana delivering the more kind of off-key performances I thought were a bit strange. The presence of Leonard Nimoy makes me think Quinto’s just portraying a different, earlier Spock, so I’m not concerned by being a bit startled by his somewhat angry, brash performance.

You can really see why JJ Abrams got the directing gig for Star Wars: The Force Awakens; this film shows his skill in soft rebooting, in maintaining fans of a franchise while bringing in plenty of new ones. The plot is kept fairly simple to keep the focus on the characters, who are archetypal but played with some nuance by the capable cast.

I give it three Beastie Boy tracks of the future, and a blast from the past.


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