Mistborn: The Bands of Mourning (2016) by Brandon Sanderson

Another good Mistborn novel. While Shadows of Self continued the worldbuilding established in both the original trilogy and The Alloy of Law without adding much of its own, The Bands of Mourning adds some extremely fascinating worldbuilding elements to the Mistborn world. Brandon’s worldbuilding is an enormous strength here, and my mind reels at the possibilities and implications he’s set up. Definitely gets me excited not only for the next novel in this quadrilogy, but for the trilogy succeeding it as well, which will doubtlessly be heavily informed by some of the worldbuilding in this one.

The character work isn’t quite as strong as Shadows of Self, but is still rather good. Certainly more deftly handled than that in the original trilogy too, although I find these set of characters less compelling. The star of this book is Steris, who is developed extremely well, far beyond the apparent stereotype she was in The Alloy of Law. Not much interesting happens with Marasi or Wayne’s character development, though they both have plenty of good moments. I thought Wax’s arc was a tad underwhelming (I was hoping for something more introspective and in-depth, like Sazed’s arc in The Hero of Ages), but it is a comparatively short novel compared to the earlier Mistborn books, so I can’t say I’m surprised it felt rushed. Still, I wish there were less action setpieces, and more character work, especially when Wax had a strong premise set up for his arc here.

I give it three nicrosil rings, and a hidden spearhead.


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