Star Trek Beyond (2016)

A fun blockbuster with a lot more heart and character than the last Star Trek film. It’s not as cluttered with action setpieces as the two preceding films; characters are given much more room to breathe, which is very welcome. Some of the action scenes are enjoyable, but the descent into typical blockbuster third-act mayhem is dull as usual for films like this.

The villain, played by Idris Elba, has a surprisingly interesting backstory and psyche, and I wish the film had delved further into this. The character of Jaylah is also a nice new addition, she drives some of the more compelling action sequences and has some nice comedic moments with Simon Pegg.

The film is thin in many ways, but I honestly think that serves this franchise better than the huge-scale affairs like Into Darkness. It’s a fairly simple story, told simply, and that lets the characters and comedy have plenty of space to move around. Felt much better tonally to me than Into Darkness. I had a lot of fun with this movie.

I give it three and a half pieces of space debris, and a motorbike in the middle of space.


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