Legion (2012) by Brandon Sanderson

An uncharacteristic story for Brandon Sanderson many ways, it’s not set in his high fantasy “cosmere” universe (it’s not fantasy at all), it’s short fiction rather than a lengthy novel, it’s first-person rather than third-person, there’s no magic system, and there’s very little creative worldbuilding as it’s set on modern day Earth. I’m happy to say Sanderson shows he is no one trick pony dependant upon those common elements in his work, as this uncharacteristic story is one of his best!

The multiple personalities of the protagonist are distinct and fascinating. His mental condition is the backbone of the novella, and it never ceases to be interesting. The pacing in general is nicely done as well.

The plot feels like a thriller, and does feature one distinctive Sanderson element, a large focus on divinity and religion. Seeing that obsession of his filtered through a modern thriller novella context was really interesting. I love seeing him stretch his skills like this; while I think plenty of his experiments fail, it’s completely worth it for when they succeed like this.

It’s an ambitious work for Sanderson, and I’m happy to say it paid off.

I give it three hallucinated personas, and a photograph of George Washington.


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