Mitosis (2013) by Brandon Sanderson

A fun little short story in the Reckoners series. Like Steelheart, it’s short and sweet; very efficient writing by Brandon. There’s an Epic with an interesting power, there are some character issues being worked through, there’s a clear throughline for the plot…everything is cohesive and it all works neatly.

The dorky metaphors, which I found sometimes amusing and sometimes obnoxious in Steelheart, worked well for me here. Maybe it was because of the shorter format (thus there were less to read), but they felt less like a workmanlike addition of humour I sometimes feel in Sanderson books, and more like just some naturally funny dorky lines Sanderson himself found amusing. It worked for me.

It’s a slight story, but an enjoyable one. I give it three lightrails, and an appetite for tuberculosis.


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