The Stormlight Archive – A Pocket Companion to The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance (2016) by Brandon Sanderson

This is a very quick, slight read; it’s just a little guide on some parts of The Stormlight Archive series. It’s some reprintings of some of the (excellent) art from the two currently released Stormlight Archive books, and some summaries of events and worldbuilding elements of the setting.

I think it would have been a lot better if it wasn’t a spoiler-filled summary of the two books, and more of a plain guide to the world. Still having the descriptions of the world, the culture, the magic, but not the outright summaries of character arcs and storylines. That way, anyone could have read it. But it is billed as “A Pocket Companion to The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance”, not “A Pocket Companion to The Stormlight Archive” so it’s not like the summary content was a surprise. Could be useful to people wanting a quick refresher before the third book, but it’s a really brisk, slight summary of the first two books, and there’s always loads of useful summaries that float around the net before a new book in a series drops, so I’m unsure just how useful it will prove at that time.

If I had the physical copy I’d be a lot keener on it, as seeing the art on actual paper would be lovely, and I’ve heard it’s a neat little binding. Sanderson gave them away for free to support “Independent Bookstore Day” in the USA, which is nice. In the format I read it though, it basically amounts to a few wiki entries and pictures making up an ebook file.

As it stands, I give it two cremlings, and a sphere.


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