Centrifugal (1994) by Brandon Sanderson

“Centrifugal” is a short story Brandon Sanderson wrote in high school. Long before “Elantris” or the five unpublished novels preceding that. Obviously it lacks most of the things that make his later work great. Surprisingly competent writing for his age though; I’ve seen a lot worse.

Still, it’s interesting as, like he says, “a historical document, of sorts”, and isn’t so bad as to make me want to follow the namesake of the star featured in the story.

It’s fascinating to see here how clearly constrained Brandon is by the length of the story, and know how later he would finally overcome his need to write hundreds of pages to communicate a good story, in his writing of strong short fiction like “Legion” and “The Emperor’s Soul”.

The story is available freely at his website, here: http://brandonsanderson.com/centrifugal/

I give it two giant diamonds, and an Energy Shield.


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