Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Comic Series] (2011) by Robbie Morrison, Trevor Hairsine, & Sergio Sandoval

An odd, unfocused series of comics that haphazardly jump around to flashbacks of the protagonist (of both the comic and the game it was released to promote) Adam Jensen, seemingly disconnected side stories, and an entire arc that somehow was happening during the same time as the video game despite not being mentioned once.

There’s no real story being told here. It’s just some of the story of the game being told less well, in a different face and form.

Player agency in the video game means that Adam Jensen doesn’t have a 100% locked down personality, but there are certainly traits common across all interpretations and variations of the man. This comic somehow goes against even them; he’s notably out of character in numerous scenes. It’s distracting.


The whole comic feels sort of surreal at times in how unstructured and disconnected it is. Scenes seem to have little connection to one another. Themes of the game are repeated ad nauseum in stilted dialogue, yet the game is amusingly tone deaf – the bizarre nudity scene that comes out of nowhere is as close to a highlight as the series comes.

I thought the clunky title drop with “There’s a revolution coming…a HUMAN revolution” was gold, but it was topped by the villains inexplicably literally calling themselves “Deus Ex”.

The art’s nice enough. Characters don’t always look super accurate to their game counterparts, but the visual style is overall pretty in keeping with that of the game.

A bizarre, but at times fun (if perhaps for the wrong reasons) tie-in comic series.

I give it one dose of neuropozyne, and a VTOL.

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