Deus Ex: Children’s Crusade (2016) by Alex Irvine & John Aggs

I expected this series to be some delightfully shlocky nonsense like the Human Revolution tie-in comics, but what I got was actually a perfectly competent – if dull – run of comics. There were no obnoxious title-drops here!

Competent is really the key word here…everything’s fine, nothing’s noticeably bad, but nothing really rises above the muck to be particularly interesting. The art’s pretty drab, lacking any distinctive unified theme (a shame, because Human Revolution had such a strong sense of visual style), although there are occasionally some nice covers and big detailed Jensen drawings. The dialogue’s fine. The plot’s fine. It’s not so boring as to offend, but it never really becomes engaging.


Very quick read, so it’s worth it if you’re big into Deus Ex, but there’s not really much in here for a casual fan, let alone someone new to the series. It’s not bad, it’s just supremely unremarkable, and I’m not sure who exactly it’s for – certainly, I never asked for this.

I give it two augmented bombs, and a very pointy beard.

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