Nerve (2016)

A competently-made teen thriller.

I was lured by the neon aesthetic of the poster, but the actual visuals of the film were, sadly, less vibrant. Still, there was a fair bit of creativity with the portrayal of digital and social media in the film.nerve-2016-movie-poster

The film would have worked better tonally if it had played to its campier elements more, as the premise and the way the plot progresses is ridiculous, but there’s still a fair bit of fun to be had. So when the film tries to be morally didactic in the third act, it doesn’t land well, but the first two acts are enjoyable enough.

Emma Roberts is likable and charming as the lead. Dave Franco, not so much. As for the side characters, Emily Meade is good as the protagonist’s best friend, but the rest of them are straddled with terrible lines (especially the technology-focused ones).

It’s nothing special or memorable, but inoffensive enough. I give it two and a half green dresses, and a botnet.

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