Don’t Breathe (2016)

A lean, intense, and effective horror film. The most notable aspects, at least for me, were the sound design, and how well the movie set out the geography of the house. So many movies, horror or otherwise, only do a passable job of communicating geographical information to an audience, but Don’t Breathe did it extremely effectively. It made all the goings-on in the house make a lot more sense, and be more tense, as it was easier to understand what exactly was happening.

The performances were all good, especially Jane Levy’s as the lead. The only misfire for me was Stephen Lang’s very angsty monologue about two-thirds through; it didn’t quite fit tonally I thought.


I also found the ending a bit inconclusive – not sure if it was trying for a sequel hook, or that’s just the ending the writer and director felt appropriate. But in a movie that was so tight and lean, it felt a bit out of place. Still, the movie is for the vast majority of its runtime a very tense, well-executed horror experience. I give it three turkey basters, and a ladybug.



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