Only Kids Are Afraid Of The Dark (1967) by George R. R. Martin

A very pulpy, amateur short story – more of an extended villain’s monologue really – that I believe is the chronologically earliest published work of George R. R. Martin.

It feels more suited towards a comic book rather than just prose, but alas, there’s only one accompanying illustration in this edition. Apparently there is an actual comic edition, illustrated by Jim Starlin, which I imagine would be a more entertaining read.


It’s worth reading for the Martin completionists, and its very short length ensures it doesn’t overstay long enough to really waste anyone’s time, but anyone expecting the depth of Martin’s later work will be disappointed. Martin wrote this while he was in high school; he had decades to become the accomplished and successful writer he is today.

I give it two astral avengers, and a demonic prince.

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