Doorways [Pilot] (1993) by George R. R. Martin

Unlike the preceding screenplay in “Dreamsongs”, the Twilight Zone screenplay, “Doorways” is much more of an original Martin invention, rather than something beholden to a television show of the past.

The pilot screenplay depicted here was actually shot, in 1992, but was not picked up. The story reeks of early 90s science-fiction conventions, which is sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes a tad groan-inducing.


There are no interesting subversions here, and no great characterisation (as a pilot, I don’t blame it too hard for that, as perhaps the show would have gone on to rectify it), so there’s little of the classic draws of a Martin story. What remains is a decent script that feels more interesting as an artifact of 90s television and Martin’s career, more than as a good story in its own right. I give it two geons, and a bloodied nose.


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