Mary Poppins (1964)

A fun classic. I found the kids grating, but Julie Andrews was brilliant, and Dick Van Dyke and David Tomlinson also gave very enjoyable performances.

The songs are great, and their iconic status is well-deserved. The extended animated fantasy sequence was the highpoint of the film for me, and I was deeply amused by how the kids were absent for most of it – the animals all heap praise upon praise on her, making me wonder whether it’s more her fantasy than the children’s. Her arrogance and self-assurance was endearing due to Andrews’ excellent performance. I can imagine another actress failing to convey the likeability, and coming across as solely conceited and arrogant.


Not everything has aged well, and I really did struggle with the segments with a lot of focus on the kids, but it’s still a very enjoyable musical. I give it three penguins, and a spoonful of sugar.


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