Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

A very funny, but also very heartfelt, Apatow-style comedy.

Jason Segel is perfect as the lead. Though I love him in more confident roles like in “I Love You Man”, he’s always really excelled at more vulnerable, even emasculated roles, like his character in “Freaks and Geeks”. His character’s experience of being unceremoniously dumped and trying to cope while his ex still presents problems is portrayed relatably and without an unnecessary ironic layer of disdain or anything. It feels earnest and heartfelt. The rest of the cast is good, particularly Mila Kunis in an exceptionally charming role, but Segel definitely is the highlight.


The earnestness of the film sets it apart from most of the other films under the Apatow umbrella, and the comic parts are as sharp and funny as ever. I give it three and a half ominous tones, and a vampire puppet.


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