Funny Face (1957)

Audrey Hepburn is always charming, films covering fashion romps in Paris always have a certain allure, and the songs in this film are all nice enough. But I just couldn’t get past the age difference between the romantic leads. Thirty years apart. Fred Astaire was nearly sixty at the time of filming, where Audrey Hepburn wasn’t even thirty.

The story really doesn’t work well either. The whole premise is Audrey Hepburn having a funny face, not looking like an attractive model? Insane. It’s not even the old “beautiful girl dressed like a librarian/nun/geek/ at the start of a movie so she can have a big reveal of her beauty later on” type arc. She looks gorgeous from her first scene. And her actual arc in the film, and her big obsession with a philosophy based on empathy, it’s all so exceedingly silly , but not played in an endearing way.


There’s enjoyable stuff if taken in a vacuum here, mostly the songs and dances. But the film doesn’t feel cohesive, and there’s so many odd and distasteful elements to it. I did not enjoy it. I give it one and a half dresses, and a book on empathicalism.


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