Robin Hood (1973)

I find with a lot of Disney films that I have trouble getting on their exact wavelength, of appreciating and engaging with the tone in particular. I was pleasantly surprised that “Robin Hood” was one of the lucky ones I immediately took to. It’s such a fun, energetic time, that I was surprised how quickly it ended – I truly had been left wanting more!

My favourite aspect of the film was the snake, the unfortunate lackey to Prince John. His vocal performance, the many sight gags involving him, and the relationship between him and the prince was so consistently funny. Robin Hood himself, along with his merry men, were less engaging to me because they were saddled with more of the heroism and narrative, and less of the comedy and creativity (like the various gags on what animals the characters were adapted as).


When I really think about it, the narrative of the film isn’t really that cohesive or nearly as strong as some other Disney films, but there’s so much energy, joy, and humour to the film that it flows along nicely regardless. It’s not one of the great Disney films, perhaps not even a great Robin Hood film either, but I did have a great time with it. I give it three and a half stolen rings, and a snake in a basket.


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