The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967)

A delightful French musical bursting with beauty, creativity, joy, and above all, colour!

There’s little to the characters, or even the story at all really, but the film is so full of exuberance that it’s easy to just get swept up in the sheer joy of it anyway. The charming music propels everything along, but it’s the visuals that hooked me in the most. The colours are stunning, they’re so gorgeous.

I also really liked how much the film was shot outside, not on what appeared to be indoor sets or anything. It made the scenes where all the bystanders outside would join in the songs as well feel more magical and present.


There’s little really holding the film together in terms of story or character, but the colour, the music, the atmosphere, it’s all so compelling that it seduces one so easily. It’s a mess at times, but the sustained energy and joy means it’s always an enjoyable one. I give it three and a half bright dresses, and a music store.


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