Café Society (2016)

A strong cast makes an otherwise bland Woody Allen feature enjoyable. Jesse Eisenberg meshes extremely well with Allen’s stylings (it’s a wonder they haven’t worked together more, or sooner), Kristen Stewart has as strong chemistry with Eisenberg as ever (and holds her own selling some complicated emotional beats), Steve Carell continues honing his dramatic chops nearly as sharply as his comic ones, and Corey Stoll clearly has a lot of fun in a small role. Blake Lively is also…present.

The setting, score, aesthetics, all the compositional elements of the film are enjoyable, but there just isn’t much meat on the bone. Allen also bungles the frequent tonal shifts, throwing some of the immersion factor off.


An enjoyable film, but one teetering on the edge of being a much worse one. I give it three odd jobs, and a loud radio.


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