Trainspotting (1996)

An unforgettable, exceedingly earnest, enormously captivating portrayal of junkie culture in Scotland.

Just as the characters of the film oscillate between manic energy and creativity, and depressing turns to darkness, the production of the film itself goes for broke for duality, with the infectiously fun (perhaps “addictive” would be the more appropriate descriptor) soundtrack, and the lo-fi dingy aesthetic, the inspired visual-work communicating a great love of the medium, and the abrupt descents into darkness in the story. It’s a very unique experience.


Plenty of drug films make the lows low, but it’s making the highs high as well that really pushes this film into an electric experience. Danny Boyle, along with all the cast, made something very special here. I give it four “flatmates”, and £16,000.

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